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Dragon Force-Rise of Ultraman

He crisis of Genesis Crystal is imminent, and Evan begins the crazy countdown to ruin the world. Ultraman needs to maximize his abilities in order to stop the Earth from being destroyed. He choses [sic] a little boy as his representative in the world and vanishes soon, leaving a magic cube to encourage him and hope it will help motivate his strong power. Everyone is trying every possible way to open up the magic cube. Dr. J even finds that tge little boy’s fart is the key to set up a series of laugh-out “fart-induced” experiments to try to figure out the secret. Though with careful tutor [sic] from Dragon Force elite members and the help of Dr. J’s technological weapons, the little boy seems the least possible one to save the Earth. The earth crisis may break out at any moment, Dragon Force is at the end of their resources and the so called “representative of Ultraman” seems like more vulnerable. Who on earth can solve the crisis?

Genre: ActionAnimationLayarkaca21lk21Sci-Fi



Duration: 90 Menit

Quality:   HD